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Jackson Farms II, Lyman SC by Michael Dantzler


The SC Black Farmers Coalition is a membership organization on a mission to train, equip, support and advocate for existing, returning and budding generations of Black farmers in South Carolina.

Our vision is an SC agricultural sector where Black farmers of all sizes are equitably represented, have the capacity for competitiveness, and are well-positioned to thrive across generations.

Membership Levels & Benefits

SCBFC Premier membership benefits:

  • Access to start up/matching funds for USDA cost-share projects and other on-farm needs (based on Coalition financial position).

  • Information on grants, sponsorships, contracts and other funding opportunities.

  • Connections to Black entrepreneurs working in agriculture-related fields.

  • Information about federal and state laws, policies and practices that impact Black farmers.

  • A safe space for Black farmers to share concerns and ideas.

  • Monthly listing of produce available, farming-related jobs, land for sale/rent, and equipment for sale/rent/share, etc.

  • Discounts at conference and training sessions

Steering Committee member benefits - all premier benefits plus:

  • First option for workshop presentations, paid contract work

  • Send up to 3 emails each month to SCBFC listserv

  • Guide month-to-month strategic plan implementation

Friends of SCBFC membership benefits:

  • Early invitations for event sponsorship

  • Invitation to serve as guest speaker for workshops and trainings

  • Friends of SCBFC

    Every month
    Open to all who support the SCBFC mission and vision.
    • Early invitations to special events, sponsorship options
  • SCBFC Premier Member

    Every month
    Premier Membership Plan
    • Monthly workshops, special events, e-Newsletter, & advocacy
  • Steering Committee

    Every month
    SCBFC Leadership Plan
    Valid for 12 months
    • All Premier Membership, Plus Leadership
  • SCBFC Premier (1yr)

    Same as SCBFC Premier
    Valid for 12 months
    • Same as SCBFC Premier

SCBFC Advocacy: 8 Opportunities for State Agriculture Leadership to Consider and Support

  1. Acres of land throughout the SC for Black farms in a land trust

  2. Equity audit of all existing programs that support SC farmers, with specific targets and set-asides for Black farmers

  3. Regional Black-led food hubs to aggregate crops and get them into disadvantaged markets/communities 

  4. $3 million in continuing education funds for Black farmers ($1,111 per person for 2,700 Black farmers) 

  5. Annual funding for Black-led urban farms

  6. Black food system fund for South Carolina (investment vehicle startup capital to farms and food businesses in Black communities)

  7. Acres of incubator farmland through conservation easements

  8. Regional heavy equipment sharing program for Black farmers

Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Funneling money for Black farmers through white-led organizations

  • Assuming that anyone other than Black farmers can represent us

  • Assuming that existing programs are adequate and all that is needed is "outreach"

  • Dividing our movement by organizing with individuals rather than the collective

  • Assuming that Black people are not interested in farming

  • Setting aside resources for "disadvantaged farmers", assuming that will take care of Black farmers


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Most meetings are hosted via Zoom. Attendees can participate with their smartphone and/or landline. We will practice physical distancing and other precautions during all in-person events.

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